Plenty of us remember when we didn’t need air conditioning in the summer, when mosquito season wasn’t so long, and when sunny day flooding wasn’t such a common occurrence.

Delaware is already experiencing the impacts of climate change, including hotter, longer summers, rising sea levels, and more frequent intense storms.

This has environmental, economic, and public health consequences for the state.

How does Climate Change Affect Delaware?

Climate change looks different depending on where you are in the world. In Delaware, climate change primarily takes the form of increasing temperatures, more frequent intense storms (including heavy precipitation), and sea level rise. Check out the Causes and Consequences Overview for a look at some of the ways climate change affects our state. More information is available in the Delaware Climate Change Impact Assessment at

Causes and Consequences Overview

What do Delawareans Think of Climate Change?

Based on a 2019 survey supervised by the University of Delaware, most Delawareans support taking action to address both the causes and consequences of climate change. Check out the 2019 Survey Infographic for a summary of the survey results. You can also visit for a full report of results.

2019 Survey Infographic

Taking Climate Action in Delaware

Throughout 2020, the State will be engaging residents and businesses to develop Delaware’s Climate Action Plan. The Plan will outline strategies to address the causes of climate change: Ways the State can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in partnership with federal agencies, local governments, and businesses. The Plan will also include strategies to address the consequences of climate change: Ways the State can prepare for the climate impacts we’re already experiencing (and are projected to get worse).

Delaware’s Climate Action Plan will build on over a decade of work, including a statewide sea level rise planning effort and Delaware’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Learn more about how Delaware has taken climate action in the past — and why it’s time to do more.

A Plan to Protect and Strengthen delaware

Implementing Delaware’s Climate Action Plan will protect and strengthen:

  • Our agricultural and tourism economies
  • The natural places we enjoy for recreation
  • Our infrastructure
  • The health of our residents and visitors
  • Access to clean energy and transportation for all Delawareans

The Plan will consider solutions in a variety of areas, including:

  • Renewable energy (wind and solar)
  • Energy efficiency and industrial refrigerants
  • Clean transportation (public transit, electric vehicles)
  • Agriculture and conservation
  • Support for local communities (technical and planning assistance, grant funding)
  • Partnerships with other states

All Delawareans are invited participate in the climate planning process by attending workshops and engaging online. 

Click here to learn how you can get involved.